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Competitive Levels

Each of our divisions scale gradually upwards in skill and intensity. Use the descriptions below to help pick the level you’d like to start at.

Beginner Recreational:

These lower recreational divisions are beginner focused and meant to be a welcoming place for people returning to sports, trying sports for the first time, or just looking for a social outlet that’s not too rough. Many teams in these brackets do have some experienced players, but it’s not recommended for experienced players who may get frustrated with beginners.

Upper Recreational:

These divisions are primarily for teams who have, on balance, more skilled players than beginners, but want to avoid more intense/competitive games. These teams are generally still welcoming to beginners but have a higher standard of play than beginner recreational. This division is recommended for experienced players looking for skilled games that aren’t too intense.


These divisions are for players that prefer an environment where they can play harder and face stronger competition every week. Teams in this bracket generally do not have any beginner players and are less welcoming to beginners, but feature a mixture of more skilled and more competitive athletes. This is a good place to start if you’re looking for a challenge and want to participate in higher quality games.


These divisions are for the most competitive and skilled teams looking to face the strongest competition every week. Similar to intermediate in attitude, but with a higher average standard of play, most players in this bracket have played the sport competitively their whole lives. Players playing at this level are usually very skilled and embrace competitive games where working as a team and playing hard at all times is essential.

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