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Welcome to Ottawa Rec Sports

Ottawa's Friendliest Adult Sports Community!

Learn New Sports!

Our multi-sports communities are friendly, socially-focused spaces where you will play a mixture of classic and obscure sports.

Fully refereed, our staff will bring all equipment and teach you the sport. Just show up and play! (And be prepared to laugh at yourself, many of them are harder than they look!)

Ideal for people looking for some exercise and a chance to make friends in a relaxed environment.

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Celebrate Each Season Together,
Win or Lose!

We celebrate each season with a big end-of-season party at pubs around the city.

Join us for weekend parties where you can enjoy food and drink with teammates, opponents, and referees in the community.

Champions get $200 towards jerseys, top three teams receive bonus gift cards to the pub and all teams receive gift card rewards through our sportsmanship-rewards program.

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Build Sportsmanship-First, Co-Ed Teams

Our league values sportsmanship and community over a winner-take all competitive mentality.

We put our money where our mouth is – each season teams win sportsmanship rewards in the form of gift cards or a registration discount – just for being good sports!

You will receive a private grade at the end of each season aggregated from your opponents, and we reserve the right to refuse the business of teams that fail to maintain a 4 out of 5 average or above.

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Enjoy Nacho Deals Around the City

In addition to hosting us for end-of-season parties, most of our partner pubs offer nacho deals to all of our teams (with purchase of 4-6 drinks).

Give them your team name and they will also track your tab over the season, offering regulars 10% back for their own team parties at the end of each season.

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Our co-ed soccer communities have been running since 2009 and include divisions ranging from beginner to competitive.

We also have new 35+ brackets and are developing men’s and women’s communities.

Regardless of level, all leagues are vetted and policed to maintain a focus on clean play and sportsmanship.

All leagues are fully refereed and feature end of season parties with generous prizes to teams for sportsmanship and playoff success.

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Our growing volleyball community provides a co-ed space for players who enjoy the sport at a recreational level.

These leagues are fully refereed with all equipment managed by our staff, and include the same end of season parties and prize support as all of our sports communities ($200+ towards jerseys for first, and end of season sportsmanship prizes for all teams)

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Our co-ed multi-sports communities have been running since 2014 and include upper recreational and beginner brackets.

This league is particularly good for people who are revisiting sports as adults and want to try new things. It’s a socially focused, friendly and relaxed environment.

All leagues are fully refereed, we provide all equipment and we will teach you the sport and guide you as you learn it.

Leagues still follow a team structure with additional prize to top three teams and end-of-season parties.

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