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Ottawa Rec Sports FAQ

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions – if you are new to the league and have questions, please read below to see if they are covered by the FAQ!

1. Can my children play in this league?

  • No, Ottawa Rec Sports is an Adult sports community, and only players who are 18+ can register for our programs.

2. Do you rent out domes, gyms or other facilities to the public?

  • No, Ottawa Rec Sports does not own any of the facilities we use, you will have to contact each of them directly to rent space from them.

3. How do I register?

4. What is unique about Ottawa Rec Sports?

  • Ottawa Rec Sports is a socially-focused, sportsmanship first community – we have prize incentives around sportsmanship and host big end of season parties at the end of each season. It’s an ideal place to play sports if your goal is to meet people and get exercise in a more laid back environment.

5. I’ve registered but I don’t know what to do next – where do I get game information?

  • Once a league or pickup program is ready to run, the administrator will send you an email with all the information you need. If you’re an individual, they will put you in touch with your new teammates. You should also receive an email from our database, – if you register with golnetwork it will automatically send you email updates 3 days before each match. You can also view our schedules and standings pages to access ongoing leagues.

6. I’ve never been to the location where my league is playing, how do I know where to enter?

  • View our locations page and select your league’s location to see a site map and a GPS link for directions on where to go and where to enter.