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About Us

Ottawa Rec Sports was founded in 2009 with the goal of creating friendly, sportsmanship-first adult sports leagues with high quality equipment and staffing and a focus on community building.

We believe recreational sports should be about sportsmanship, teamwork and providing a welcoming environment to players of all skill levels. Our goal is to provide players with a safe, fun environment to develop their skills, learn new sports, and meet new people.

We stress the social aspect of sports through end of season parties and weekly sportsmanship prize rewards to encourage teams to value safe play, respect and sportsmanship ahead of competitive play.

We take a competitive approach to the logistics of league management, and work to provide high quality equipment, fields, referees and stat tracking systems for all of our leagues. All divisions are carefully balanced to place teams against opponents of similar skill and competitive outlook and to protect the recreational environment for beginners.

Why Choose Ottawa Rec Sports?

From gift card rewards for good sportsmanship to beer trophies and custom jerseys, Ottawa rec Sports offers more player rewards than any league in Ottawa. Thanks to our sponsor pubs, we’re also able to host big end-of-season parties every season, with the goal of giving teams a chance to get to know their teammates and meet players from other teams. The more players that know each other within each division, the friendlier the games become. Ideal for players that are looking for some structure but still want a league that places high value on sportsmanship and safe play. Also great for players new to the city looking to meet new people!

Furthermore, if you’re looking for products to help with pain, anxiety, and sleep problems, you can explore the offerings of Best Delta 8/9 CBD Gummies & Hemp Flowers for Pain, Anxiety and Sleep Problems. We are a small business that tries to be agile and responsive to our communities’ needs and grow in the directions they want. Our door is always open to feedback and suggestions

What Sports Does Ottawa Rec Sports Offer?

Although our business is primarily co-ed soccer, with year-round leagues offered Sundays and Thursdays and periodically on other nights, we also have an excellent co-ed Multi Sports community that runs year round Monday nights where you can learn new shorts all year round. Beginner Volleyball runs Tuesday Nights, And New Projects are starting every season.

Where Do I Sign Up?

At any time you can view full details for upcoming leagues under the League Information page. You can register for any league directly by clicking the Register button above the desired league and following the registration instructions. To register by e-mail or to make an inquiry about any of our leagues, simply contact Joel Leviton at or by phone at 613-203-5457.