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Floor Hockey Rules



  • Teams consist of six (6) players each, including a goalie. Roster Maximum
    10 players.
  • A minimum of four (4) players are required to be present at gametime to avoid
    a forfeit


  • The Intramural Department will provide sticks, pucks, jerseys and goalie
  • Each player may use their own gloves for hand protection, but must use sticks
    provided by Intramural Department. If players bring their own goalie
    equipment, it must include a helmet with a cage, chest protector, a protective
    glove or blocker on their stick hand, a catching glove on their non-stick hand
    and leg guards or pads.
  • Each game will consist of three (3) periods of ten (10) minutes each.
  • Clock will stop for injuries only until the final two (2) minutes of the third
    period, at which time it will stop on every whistle. If a team is winning by
    four (4) goals or more at the two minute mark, clock will not stop.
  • Game will be ended if a team is winning by eight (8) or more goals at anytime
    in the third period.
  • Each team will be granted two (2) one-minute time-outs per game. A time out
    may be called while a team has possession of the puck or at stoppage of play.
  • A five (5) minute running clock sudden death period will be played if score is
    tied at end of regulation. If the score remains tied, a series of five (5) penalty
    shots will be taken by each team by five (5) different players. Whichever
    team is ahead after these shots, wins the game. If still tied, alternating penalty
    shots will occur until game is decided.


  • Substitutions may be made at anytime during play.
  • Players entering must wait until the player leaving the floor is completely off
    the playing surface before entering. Player leaving must leave the playing
    surface at designated area between team benches.
  • Goalies may only be substituted for during timeout, intermission or for an
    equipment change. Goalies may leave playing surface for another position
    player at anytime.


  • A face-off is used to begin each period, after each goal, an inadvertent whistle,
    the puck is frozen between two players, after a penalty, the puck is frozen by
    the goalie or an injury occurs. Sticks must be on the floor for a face-off.
  •  Play is started at the beginning of each period and after a goal has been scoredwith a face-off at the center floor dot. All other occasions, the face-off occursat the nearest face-off dot on the floor.
  • Off-sides will not be called as an infraction.
  • Players may not bat or throw the puck at any time
  • The puck may be advanced by the blade of the stick or by kicking the puck. However, no goal may be scored by kicking the puck directly into the net.
  • A hand may be used to catch or touch an airborne puck; however, the puck must be dropped immediately within the radius of the catching player’s stick.
  • A goalie may catch the puck, but must put it in play within three (3) seconds.
  • When clearing the puck, a goalie my not throw or shoot the puck above waistheight or past the center line.


  • A goal is scored when the puck passes completely across the plane of the
  • Goals may be scored from anywhere
  • Goals will not count if stick blade is above the waist level, kicked in, batted in
    by the hand or if an offensive player is in the crease.
  • An automatic goal will be awarded if a defensive player throws a stick and/or
    enters the crease to prevent the puck from entering the net.
  • No goal can be scored while an offensive player’s feet are in the crease.


  • Penalties will be divided into two categories (2) minute and (5) minute.
  • 2 Minute penalties will include:
    o High sticking, holding, tripping, interference, elbowing, checking,
    slashing, preventing break away by throwing stick or illegal
  • 5 Minute penalties will include:
    o Boarding or checking from behind, boarding or checking into wall,
    any of the two-minute penalties that are deemed malicious or intended
    to injure another player and verbal or physical abuse of an official.
    o Any five minute penalty called by an official may or may not result in
    a player ejection as well. This is up to the official’s and/or on-site
    supervisor discretion.
  • Once a penalty is called, played will continue until the team that the penalty
    has been called possesses the puck, a whistle is blown or a goal is scored.
  • A player who receives four (2) minute penalties, multiple (5) minute penalties
    or a combination of 2 (2) minute penalties and one (5) minute penalty will be
    disqualified from the remainder of the game.


  •  Any player involved in a fight will be ejected
  • Excessive verbal or physical abuse towards an official, player or supervisor
    will result in an ejection.