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Touch Football


Rules & Regulations
This is first and foremost a recreational league, so we encourage fair and positive play.
This means we expect all participants and spectators to be POSITIVE and refrain from negative
remarks or complaining about calls. Every participant will play an equal amount, and will
receive ample opportunities to contribute on both sides of the ball.


a. The game will be 7 on 7 with two (2) down lineman. Coaches will rotate players so
that all team members will have an equal amount of time as lineman and receivers.

b. If a team is short-handed, a team may play 6 on 7

c. Games will consist of two 42 minute quarters with running time. Clock will only stop
on called timeouts, and under 30 seconds in each half on any dead ball (incomplete
pass, or play ending with a player out of bounds).

d. Each team will receive two timeouts per half. Timeouts can only be called by the

e. Teams will start their possession at their own 10 yard line. Teams have 3 downs to
cross the midfield line for a first down. After crossing the midfield line, teams have 3
downs to score a touchdown.

f. There are no punts. If a team chooses on third down to “punt” the defensive team
will receive the ball and start possession on their own 10 yard line.

g. There will be a 35 second play clock which begins upon placement of the ball by the
referee. Failure to begin a play within the 35 second clock will result in a delay of
game penalty.

h. “No Run Zone”– Any area 10 yards before each end zone designated by appropriate
markers. Teams will not be permitted to execute run plays within 10 yards of the
end zone. This prevents teams from easily scoring on power run plays.

i. A player is considered “down” when he/she is touched with two hands by a
defender or when a player’s knee, elbow or body touches the ground. The end of
the play will be signified by the whistle of the referee.


1. Offensive Lineman

a. Designated offensive lineman must begin the play in a 3-point stance
declaring themselves as lineman. The designated lineman may not go out
for, or receive a pass. Doing so will result in a penalty which equates to the
loss of the down. (Exception: If the opposing team chooses not to rush the
passer, either lineman can go out for a pass).

b. If a team chooses to have more than two down lineman (perhaps for a
running play) then two of the lineman must raise their hand to indicate their
designation as ineligible receivers. Failure to do so will result in a delay of
game penalty.

2. Quarterback
a. To ensure play is not dominated by one or two players, there will be a
designated staff member to serve as the universal quarterback for both
teams (No Phil we’re not doing this – b
ring your own quarterbacks!)
b. The quarterback must remain in the designated pocket and may not cross
the line of scrimmage at any point.

3. Defensive Players

a. Teams must have a designated rusher who starts 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage. The delay of the extra 5 yards or a count of 10 steamboats may be used to offset the speed that they can rush the quarterback.

b. Defensive players my not hold, pull, grab, tackle or shove a ball carrier. Use
of excessive force will be considered an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.



Delay of Game– When a team fails to snap the ball prior within the 35 second play clock.
Result: 5 yard penalty.

False Start– An offensive player is not set at the snap of the ball. Result: 5 yard penalty.

Holding– An offensive player holds an opponent while attempting to make a block.
Result: 10 yard penalty from the spot of the foul

Pass Interference: An offensive player pushes or illegally contacts a defender in
attempt to gain an advantage to catch the ball Result: 10 yard penalty and loss of down.


Delay of Game– Any blatant attempt to stall an offense from getting a play off.

Result: Automatic first down awarded to the offense.

Offsides: Crossing the line of scrimmage before the play is initiated.

Result: 5 yard penalty

Pass Interference: Hindering an offensive player from catching the ball by making illegal
contact. Result: Ball placed at the place of the foul; automatic first down

Unsportsmanlike Penalty- When a player demonstrates unsportsmanlike behavior
which includes, but is not limited to: foul language, taunting, fighting, excessive force
(tackling, shoving), or any other behavior deemed inappropriate. Any player receiving
two unsportsmanlike penalties within the same game will be removed from the game
and suspended for the next scheduled game.