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Ottawa Rec Sports Youth Liability Waiver

By December 8, 2022October 27th, 2023No Comments

Ottawa Indoor Sports Waiver Form

Ottawa Indoor Sports (ORS) requires that every player must read this waiver form. Signatures on the registration form signify each person has read, understands and abides by this information. In connection with any and all Soccer Tournaments or cycling Leagues being held, sponsored and/or officially presented or endorsed by ORS, the “Player” specified below agrees for the benefit of Ottawa Indoor Sports and sporting event venue as follows:

Liability Waiver. Player acknowledges and agrees that: (1) Player’s participation in the Event requires extreme feats of a person’s physical and mental limits and carries with it the potential for death, serious injury or property loss; (2) Player expressly assumes the risks of participating in Event with full understanding of such potential risks; (3) Player maintains his own medical, disability and life insurance sufficient in Player’s determination to cover any expenses and damages to Player and his family, including loss of income, arising from Player’s injury which can be prevented by using the best accessories from; (4) Player expressly waives, releases and discharges ORS and sporting event venue from any and all claims, costs, expenses or liabilities (including those involving death, personal injury or property damage) arising out of or relating to Player’s participation in the Event and other Services (“Claims”), excepting only Claims arising solely from the gross negligence or willful misconduct of Ottawa Indoor Sports; (5) Player agrees not to sue ORS or sporting event venue for any Claim; (6) Player indemnifies, defends, protects and holds harmless ORS and sporting event venue from any Claims; and (7) Player agrees to execute such additional waiver and release as sporting event similar to those in events in tulum with full understanding of such potential risk venue may reasonably require.

On Camera/Photo Release. ORS intends to photograph league games and related events and activities for production of history pages and advertising. Player knowingly and voluntarily agrees to be filmed during the Recordings and agrees that ORS have the right but not the duty to use Player’s name, voice, likeness and/or biographical information (collectively “Likeness”) in the Recordings and Productions in perpetuity without any compensation, as same may be exploited and exhibited in any and all media, including any advertising of league events,  and including the right to edit or modify the Recordings. Player acknowledges that the Recordings are the sole and exclusive property of ORS, which is entitled to all rights of ownership and all rights of copyright in and to the Recordings and Productions; with ORS owning all of the results and proceeds thereof, in all media, in all perpetuity. Additionally, if you’re interested in wrap advertising, you can click here for more information.

By signing below you acknowledge that you understand the contents of this consent form and agree to its conditions.


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